for brass quintet.

fairly challenging.

ca. 4'


Written for a friend's wedding, I had a very limited time in which to write this piece, so I culled together several of my favorite techiques to get the job done: I wrote the melody on the subway, I wrote out the underlying structure based on a wacky odd number thing I discovered a while back (I used this in "testify" and "putrefaction" and a slew of other things I've written since then...), I came up with a simple image of what the piece would look like (a straight smudge with a little curved smudge above it - like the symbols for long and short accents placed one above the other), and everything derives from the melody until I got sick of doing that. It was performed by a hot little quintet of military brass players, who played with such a clean, almost polite sound, a sound that years of working with friends in NYC had made me forget about. But this is one of the things I like about being a composer: being surprised at all the possibilities...

score (transposed)
score (C)
trumpet 1
trumpet 2

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