bughead #1, bughead #2

for prerecorded sounds.

text by Jeremiah La Rose, used by permission, © 2001 Jeremiah La Rose.

I've always been attracted to found-object art and these pieces incorporate that aesthetic. I swiped the title from an email a friend sent to me in reference to another acquaintance. The text came from two sources. A friend of a friend told us about her birthday revelries: She and her boyfriend went to a club, spent the night dancing, and were among the last people to leave. The DJ invited them to an after-hours party in Williamsburg. By the time they got to Williamsburg it was quite late and they were feeling rather disoriented from what was already a full night of partying. Suddenly a strange man standing outside what looked to be an abandoned building was calling to them and motioning for them to come inside. They just looked at him distrustfully. The strange man then exclaimed, "Don't look at me like you don't know me; I'm the DJ!" Upon hearing this, I immediately thought that it was a perfect line for a techno-dance track. So I proceeded to make (a fake) one, but I needed more than just that one line. I emailed my brother and asked him to write 8 or so more lines to go with the above quote, to record himself speaking them, and to also record himself scatting, using only the syllable "moo." The rest of the sounds are either taken from a Samplecell II CD ROM with sound effects. Using the magic of ProTools and MetaSynth, I put together bughead #1. It's a bit slow for techno, but still somewhat danceable. I found that there was enough material to do another piece -- a remix, if you will.

#1, ca. 3"; #2, ca. 4"
Recording of bughead #1:

Recording of bughead #2:

don't look at me like you don't know me, i'm the dj
i'm being held hostage in the supermarket, please send help
i need to end this premature start/cancel before the terminal resolution
finish the food & drug superstore before it dances out of sight
i could work, i could play, i could dance like a pickle,
but instead i yell,
"who wants to listen to the millionth song on my cd at home?"
and when you don't answer, i'll ask about the weather
because we have nothing better to talk about when we're young
just don't get all old
and avoid the hubbub.