tunes for a purple cactus

tunes for a purple cactus

for two flutes.

published by Falls House Press (Do contact them for the score).

moderate. Consists of nine short pop influenced duets. Most are easily sight-readable by advanced players; would be challenging but fun fodder for high school students.

Written for the grand opening of the purple cactus burrito, wrap and juice bar on 22 June 1999 on Centre Street in Jamaica Plain, MA and premiered by myself and Wilhemina Ulbrich.

I started working for the then-new Purple Cactus location in Jamaica Plain the summer it opened (another ploy to supplement my income), and when the owner, Marie O'Shea, found out that I play flute, she asked if I could put together some music for the grand opening. At the time, I was also working at Haynes Flute Co. in Bay Village and helping the South End location of the Purple Cactus out for a few weeks, since they needed the help and Haynes was close by. In the two-hour window of time I had between jobs, I would stop in Francesca's on Tremont St., drink coffee (not a normal habit for me then), and write flute duets for the Purple Cactus. It was a strange two weeks, but here is the result.

ca. 13'


A recording of myself and Marjorie Bollinger playing "baby spinach," produced by one mister Adam Olenn: