elementary cool

for elementary school band.

originally scored for flutes, clarinets, alto saxes, trumpets, trombones, and percussion (hi-hat, snare, bass drum), and sounds complete with just that. Straightforward, unabashed pop tune. Requires a bit of counting for percussion section.

ca. 3'


When I taught elementary band in Nashua, New Hampshire, the high school band director and I decided it would be good to have an all-city band, mainly to prepare the sixth graders for their junior high experience with more challenging music. We did two six-week sessions meeting once per week with a concert at the sixth meeting. During the first session, we played a published piece that was a simple rock song. It wasn't bad, but, being the young upstart that I was, I thought I could do better. At least, I hoped I could, because although I listen to tons of popular music, everything I had written up to this point was atonal and not what you'd call ear-candy. Even my more pop/ jazz influenced tunes ("we don't march anymore" and the first movement of "two songs for an odd quintet") had a very high "quirk quotient." I pulled out my guitar, and, drawing inspiration from some of my favorite britpop tunes came up with a little ditty. The students were very excited about piece and gushed forth some lovely comments ("You should get this published, Ms. La Rose!").

bass clarinet
alto sax
tenor sax
baritone sax
trumpet 1
trumpet 2
euphonium/baritone horn
percussion 1 (bells)
percussion 2 (hi-hat/snare/bass drum)
percussion 3 (shaker or tambourine or maracas/woodblock or cowbell)

Do consider making a donation (of any amount, but let's say $20), if you choose to perform this piece, make copies of it, use it for educational purposes, if it has improved your life in any way. Otherwise, yes, it's yours for free. It is copyrighted, so give credit as necessary.