for solo flute.

moderately difficult.

ca. 17'


Upon entering grad school in Boston, I started playing in the subway to supplement my income. I often played by myself, performing solo flute repertoire — Baroque repertoire, etudes, and such — in the T (Boston's nickname for its public transit system), most often at the Hynes/ICA stop. (I continued this practice in NYC, where I had a fine bassist as partner in crime, so to speak...) I had been wanting to write some etudes of my own to play, something in more of a vernacular style than what I usually perform or write. I had never got around to doing it and I had little time to play in the T in my second year (due to thesis writing and recital organizing). Suddenly, I was presented with another performance opportunity at the Purple Cactus (see "tunes for a purple cactus"), but this time I had to perform by myself. Here was my chance to write those T-pieces, so in a very short time I wrote these seven etudes, or "eTudes," as I like to think of them (humor me and imagine a circle around the capital T). These are named after the first seven stops on the E-line, where I lived. They still, however, have not been performed in the T.

Contact me for the score.