there were once

for percussion ensemble.

text by composer.

moderately difficult.

ca. 4'


I don't usually look to real life events for inspiration. I tend to be much more abstract. Having lived in New York City from 2000-2009, however, it's impossible not to let the September 11th issues infiltrate into one's psyche. We all know whatever infiltrates the psyche of an artist comes out eventually, in some way, in that person's work. Even so, I was quite surprised one day the following November to find myself on the W train going over the Manhattan bridge hastily writing out a poem of sorts about the Statue of Liberty's point of view. I was working on a small percussion piece that was supposed to be relatively simple, but I realized that the addition of the text, although it would make the piece that much more difficult to play, would also make it more interesting.

Contact me for the score.