seven ways to sunday

seven ways to sunday

for any three players.

moderately difficult.

17+' (this can be very long or very short; it's entirely up to you)


Written for Anti-Social Music.

As a continuation of my crusade towards getting classical folk to improvise more often, I wrote a set of improvisations that use traditional notation and verbal directions for structuring the pieces. Not ever having had a real jazz education, I have been trying to come up with improvisational structures (and presentation of those structures) that a "classically trained" musician might be comfortable with. I have found that most people inexperienced in any sort of improvisational situation just want to be "right;" they want to be told what to do in they way that they usually are when looking at any other piece of music. Taking those issues into account, I made the instructions for performance rather strict, while still allowing some space for the performers to make things up.

Score is available as part of Deep Listening Anthology Volume 2 .