take out

for soprano, three flutes, bass clarinet.

difficult for everyone. involves extendend techninques, lack of time signatures, a game to see who can hold their breath the longest, scatting, etc.

nine miniatures using texts from fortune cookies. ca. 15'


For all I know, the fortune cookie is probably some bland Americanization of an ancient Szechuan meal ritual (or worse, that it has nothing to do with any part of Chinese culture whatsoever), but I'll continue to pretend that it is a wondrous foreign custom that brings sugar and cryptic messages into my life. I had been saving fortune cookie texts for about six months, hoping to use them for little rounds. When the opportunity came to write for this unusual combination, I panicked, frantically looking for a text to use. I eventually came to my senses and realized that everything I needed to write the piece was on those teeny slips of paper: the text, the organizational material, the rhythms, everything.


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