beginning music reading

Here is volume 1 of really easy pedagogical songs.
Volume 1 uses: only whole, half, quarter notes and rests; only 4/, 3/, and 2/4; only drmsld' and its subsets; only major pentatonic in C, F, or G; no ties or dots; no initial anacrusis.
More information, including a recording, is here. Stay tuned for other volumes.

Sometimes you just need something big and simple to get the point across.
• what is a canon?
• what is call and response?
• what is hocket?
• what is ostinato?
• what is form?
• what is texture?
• what is pitch?
• what is timbre?
• what is rhythm?
• what are some good beginning guitar chords that will sound good together?
• what are some piano chords that will sound good with band instruments?

early childhood music ed
A song I spontaneously made up in a kindergarten class to practice moving, matching, and freezing. It was inspired by an article I read in which a child development expert said, "If a boy is not moving, he's thinking about moving." Everyone gets a turn to show us their moves!

scales and chords
If you need new ideas about how to practice scales and what scales to practice, here's a rather exhaustive scale workbook .
If you want to simply know the letter names for the notes in the major and natural minor scales, here's a nice list; Pentatonic? Right here.
More specifics on scales and chords in the instrumental section.