updated 16 november 2012 for your enjoyment or horror, depending on your world view....

here's where i'll be at:

Th 22 November 2012, 8pm.. Altes Pfandhaus, Köln. Free improvisation with Sophia Reyer, vox & Nicola Hein, guitar
Fr 23 November 2012, 8pm. Cafe Duddel, Köln. More free improvisation with Axel Lindner, violin; Fabian Jung, sound objects; & Nicola Hein, guitar
Sa 24 November 2012, 7:30pm. Galerie K4, Düsseldorf. Yet more free improvisation with Georg Wissel, sax; Matthias Mainz, trumpet; & Nicola Hein, guitar.

more to come...


• for some mp3's of my compositions, go here.

• for some mp3's of my improvisations, go here.

• do check out anti-social music, playing the latest and the greatest in socially unacceptable music. i write music and i play flute! wheee!

• ooo, and have you seen and heard this or this? giddyup.

if you don't want to leave your house, you can hear me on the internet here and here (scroll to #536).

also, i've played on a couple records you can purchase physical or digital copies of, if you like. me & my peeps'd dig that!

Anti-Social Music Sings the Great American Songbook  Anti-Social Music - Anti-Social Music...Sings The Great American Songbook  Anti-Social Music & The Gena Rowlands Band: The Nitrate Hymnal  Gena Rowlands Band - The Nitrate Hymnal  Tyondai Braxton: Rise, Rise, Rise  Tyondai Braxton - Rise, Rise, Rise  The World/Inferno Friendship Society: Addicted to Bad Ideas  World Inferno/Friendship Society, The - Addicted to Bad Ideas  Dirk Stromberg: Tropendrift

UMass Wind Ensemble: David Maslanka  Amherst Wind Ensemble & Malcolm Rowell - The Wind Music of David Maslanka  Mohair Timewarp  World Inferno/Friendship Society, The - Addicted to Bad Ideas  Bushwick Book Club   Pat Muchmore  


please don't take the stalking part seriously. thanks for not freaking me out.


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