Believe it or not, Andrea La Rose's music is based on honest-to-God melodies. I know, right?! Not only that, but she doesn't try on purpose to write fiendishly difficult music. In fact, sometimes she consciously attempts to write stuff that's not so hard — you know, something you can put together in a couple rehearsals. But things don't always turn out the way we plan, do they? The thing is, her music is often about exactly that kind of situation: relationships and plans that go awry (not like a bad love song or anything, jeez, give a girl some credit...) and how you just have to figure something out or learn something new and see what happens. So like, sometimes you have your own little structural set-up based on a bunch of numbers that go up or down or stay the same but you won't be in synch with anybody else and it'll be kind of unsettling, or sometimes you'll just have to improvise, or sometimes you'll have to do something cool but kind of tiring for longer than you thought you could do it, but then you actually can do it. Increasingly, you'll probably have to clap. I mean, as part of the piece, not just applause at the end. You know, like a 60s pop song or something. It's all rather quirky, but endearing.