the magic of improvisation, my friends, the magic of improvisation...

24 November 2012. Live recording at Kieferstraße 4, Düsseldorf.
Elisabeth Függemann, cello
Nicola Hein, guitar
Andrea La Rose, flute & other wind-powered objects.
Georg Wissel, saxophones & other wind-powered objects.

23 November 2012. Live recording at Café Duddel, Köln.
Nicola Hein, guitar.
Fabian Jung, percussion & sound objects.
Andrea La Rose, flute & other wind-powered oddities.
Axel Lindner, violin.

13 February 2011. Andrea La Rose, kalyuka, singamajig.

at some point during 2010. Andrea La Rose, flute; Jon Robinson, bass/electronics/production.

29 May 2009. Andrea La Rose, flute; Paul Pinto, piano/percussion/voice.
Recorded live at 5C Cultural Center (NYC).

8 May 2009. Andrea La Rose, flute; Tom Swafford, violin.
Recorded live at the Yippie Museum Café (NYC)
Here's the whole thing available for the downloading from bandcamp:



#3 (in which tom starts with a blues)

#4 (in which andrea takes her flute apart, but tom leaves the strings on)

#5 (in which andrea ropes tom into a rendition of the capoeira song "ahora essa")


5 July 2005. thingNY: Andrea La Rose, Barry Seroff, flute.
Recorded live at Goodbye Blue Monday (Brooklyn NY).
untitled spontaneous improvisation

17 May 2004. Andrea La Rose, flute; Chris Bacas, soprano sax; Andrew Livingston, bass.
Recorded live at Brooklyn College.
from seven ways to sunday, mvmt iv "wax/wane."

see also baj.

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