for 2 trumpets, 2 accordions.

fairly challenging.

ca. 5'


Written for Anti-Social Music.

What are little girls made of? Math rock fanfares? Minimalist pulsations? Major and minor chords? Made-up chords? Hot air? A song-and-dance routine? Trumpets and accordions?

score in C.
trumpet 1 in C.
trumpet 1 in Bb.
trumpet 2 in C.
trumpet 2 in Bb.
accordion 1.
accordion 2.

Do consider making a donation (of any amount, but let's say $7), if you choose to perform this piece, make copies of it, use it for educational purposes, if it has improved your life in any way. Otherwise, yes, it's yours for free. It is copyrighted, so give credit as necessary.