grunt work for the avant-garde

for solo trombone, clarinet, violin, cello, accordion.

difficult, especially rhythmically. involves improvisation.

ca. 12'


Written for John Wriggle and Anti-Social Music.

grunt work for the avant-garde was written backwards. First I swiped the movement titles from a fund-raising letter I was folding at my job. Then I wrote the last movement. I took a snippet from the last movement and used that to write the third movement. Then I took a snippet from the third movement and used it to write the second movement. And so on. This piece is dedicated to John Wriggle. I dig his trombone and compositional stylings and tried to let that appreciation drive the decision making process in my piece. My former boss should also know that I appreciated all the grunt work.

Anti-Social Music recorded this piece for their 2011 release "Anti-Social Music Is the Future of Everything" on Peacock Recordings:

This work was a finalist in the 2010 Look and Listen competition.
It was also included in an NPR podcast of fab composers under 40.


Do consider making a donation (of any amount, but let's say $15), if you choose to perform this piece, make copies of it, use it for educational purposes, if it has improved your life in any way. Otherwise, yes, it's yours for free. It is copyrighted, so give credit as necessary.