tyrannic shadow (son of notary sandwich)

for solo violin improvisation and chamber orchestra

ca. 4'


In November 2010, Anti-Social Music toured the Ukraine. In February 2012, some of those Ukrainians came to perform with Anti-Social Music in New York. This piece was written for that occasion and is dedicated to violinist Roman Ros'.

You will also need a copy of notary sandwich to perform this work.

Do consider making a donation (of any amount, but let's say $12), if you choose to perform this piece, make copies of it, use it for educational purposes, if it has improved your life in any way. Otherwise, yes, it's yours for free. It is copyrighted, so give credit as necessary.

performance history:

7 February 2012: Ukrainian Institute (NYC). Anti-Social Music with Roman Ros': Roman Ros', violin soloist; Domenica Fossati, flute; Peter Hess, alto saxophone; Ed RosenBerg III, tenor saxophone; Jacob Garchik, trombone; David Brown, drums; Maria Sonevytsky, accordion; Mariana Aslan, soprano; Hubert Chen, violin; Pat Muchmore, cello; Haggai Cohen Milo, bass.
A recording of this performance: