Zwiefache: jenny, the dirndl queen of ghana

for four alto saxophones, with Thunder Tubes.


ca. 7'


Rules for composers:

  1. Do not come up with some cockamamie title and then write a piece for it.
  2. Do not base an entire piece around some gimmicky sound, especially if the sound requires some contraption.
  3. Do not use styles you know next to nothing about.
  4. Do not combine multiple styles you know next to nothing about in one piece.
  5. Avoid tonality.
  6. But if you do write something tonal, at least follow proper conventions.

Well, looky here! The dear folks at The American Prize felt this piece was swell enough to be a semi-finalist in the 2016 Chamber Music competition.

alto sax i.
alto sax ii.
alto sax iii.
alto sax iv.

Do consider making a donation (of any amount, but let's say $10), if you choose to perform this piece, make copies of it, use it for educational purposes, if it has improved your life in any way. Otherwise, yes, it's yours for free. It is copyrighted, so give credit as necessary.