everything is subject to change. do check back frequently. i'll give you a heads-up on any changes in class...



questions about the readings:

M 4 Feb: Debussy

W 6 Feb: Ives

M 11 Feb: Schoenberg

W 13 Feb: Stravinsky

W 20 Feb: Antheil

M 25 Feb: Schoenberg (again...)

W 27 Feb: Bartok

M 4 Mar: Webern

W 6 Mar: Messiaen

M 11 Mar: Britten

W 13 Mar: Cage

M 18 Mar: Babbitt

W 20 Mar: Reich

M 1 Apr: Davidovsky

W 3 Apr: Crumb

M 8 Apr: Rzewski

W 10 Apr: Rouse

M 15 Apr: Adams

W 17 Apr: Schnittke

M 22 Apr: Lansky